Oriental Rug Care

Keep Your Lovely Additions Lovely

Oriental rugs always make a lovely addition to a home. They can tie a room together with their character and bring out the rest of your decorations. Maintaining a steady routine of upkeep for oriental rugs is not only beneficial to the preservation of their beautiful feature, but also to their overall lifespan and value. Our cleaning process, which includes inspection, dye test, dusting, and cleaning with approved cleaning solutions, covers most handmade and machine-made area rugs such as Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese, Indian, Navajo, and more.

Maintain Cleanliness To Retain Liveliness

Much like carpet and upholstery, rugs can act like a filtration system, meaning the can collect and trap dirt and grime from the heavy traffic that comes across it. An unfortunate byproduct of that is they will over time begin to discolor with the fabric wearing down. It’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your oriental rugs not only to keep the collection of dirt and germs to a minimum, but to also retain the liveliness of the colors of the fabric.

Don't Let Amateurs Ruin Your Rugs

Because oriental rugs need to be cleaned in a more delicate manner, as opposed to normal rugs, it’s important to have a cleaner is experienced in oriental rugs maintenance. Some rug cleaners may state they are trained in cleaning oriental rugs when in reality; they use incorrect methods and use non-approved chemicals. Dye bleeding, cross contamination, shrinkage, distortion of fibers, and other impairments are possible and are more likely to occur when they are handled improperly by those who are inexperienced.

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