Carpet Stretching And Repair

Fix Your Stressed Out Carpet

Is your carpet beginning to buckle or becoming loose? Maybe it has become wavy, causing a hazard in your home? Overtime, your carpet will begin to show signs of wear due to either damage or poor installation, and JCM is here to help. With our professional stretching techniques, we can make your carpet resemble the appearance as the day you installed it. Thinking of long-term care, routine stretching can improve the lifespan of your carpet overall.

Don't Be Embarrassed By Your Carpet

Rips, tears, and blemishes on your carpet can be more or less embarrassing when you have guests over at your home, or can make clients question the legitimacy of your business. JCM can repair most carpet damage including bleached spots, discoloration, burn/melted spots, and open/unraveled seams. Don’t try to fix it yourself or let an amateur do it and risk the chance of wasting money. Let us get the job done the first time.

Don't Ruin Your Big Investment

To be able to retain the value of your carpet it’s imperative to be able to fix and repair your investment when it becomes damaged or wore down. If your carpet is ignored and continues to go without proper maintenance, the value of it can drop significantly and you could be forced to spend more money than you need to. Don’t let negligence be the cause of your carpet’s deterioration and let JCM handle it.

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