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Carpet Care​

Did you know that in order to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty you must have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months? As an IICRC Certified Master Technician, using only the finest cleaning products and the number one van powered steam cleaning equipment, you can feel confident knowing you have chosen the right company to protect your valuable carpet investment. And that is why since 1998, I have backed my work with a money back guarantee. If you don’t feel you received the best possible cleaning ever…YOU DON’T PAY!

Carpet Stretching and Repair​

Unfortunately over the past several years, with so many homes being built, there just aren’t enough professional carpet installers to handle all of the carpet installation. Also, the big box retailers offering free installation has resulted in the the real tradesman that take pride in their work being priced out of a job. In order to make it profitable…many so called “installers” cut corners by not using a power stretcher during installation. As a result, over time the carpet relaxes and expands, causing ripples and puckers in the carpet. The only solution is to basically have it reinstalled using a power stretcher. Let JCM Carpet Care make your carpets look great again by properly stretching your carpet the way it should have been done to begin with.

Upholstery Care​

Don’t trust the care of your fine upholstered furnishings to just anyone. You need someone that can identify the fabric and choose the proper cleaning solutions and methods to maintain or restore the appearance of your belongings. With over 20 years of experience and counting, JCM Carpet Care is the only choice you can count on.

Oriental Rug Care

You paid an awful lot for those beautiful oriental rugs. Made from natural fibers such as wool, your expensive oriental rugs can be ruined if the wrong cleaning solution is used. Don’t take a chance by letting the “coupon” guys clean that work of art. At the same time, don’t think you have to pay a weeks salary to have them cleaned either. Call us for a great cleaning at a fair price.

Pet Stain Removal​

We love our pets but they can really do a number on our carpet and other furnishings. Pet hair, dander and the occasional accidents get embedded in the carpet, padding and even the subfloor. Once again, having the knowledge and the proper solutions and equipment is critical when dealing with pet odor issues. Over the years I have saved my valued clients thousands of $’s by restoring their carpet and avoiding replacement.

Tile And Grout Cleaning​

Tired of spending your whole day scrubbing those dull, soiled grout lines on your once beautiful tile floors? Bring your tile floors back to
their original beauty without all the hassle.

Water Damage​

Water damage restoration can be very tricky. Water can be hiding in places you would never think to look and if not identified and handle properly could result in an expensive mold problem. It could even cause illness for some people sensitive to mold. I have been certified in water damage restoration which is an absolute must when dealing with water damage. When dealing with a water damage situation, first thing you do is shut off the electricity to the area and DO NOT WALK ON IT! The second thing is to do is call JCM Carpet Care.

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